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Welcome to Hernan Corporation

Hernan Corporation Sdn Bhd was established as an export and trading company in year 1996. Today, we are a grower, manufacturer and cold chain operator who specialises in producing and exporting Malaysian premium durian products.

Hernan Corporation is well known for its innovative and high quality products. We deliver goods and services of the highest quality to our global customers. We only source for quality durians from certified farms that practice good farming technology. At our factory, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are implmented where quality and efficient processes are maintained at every level of production.

Hernan Corporation is the leading manufacturer and cold chain operator in Malaysia in producing frozen durian products and durian desserts.

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    Durian Ice Stick
    Malaysian Delight Durian Ice-Stick (6 pack x 70g) Malaysian Delight is truly a Malaysian authentic durian ice-stick that not only melts in your mouth but makes you keep wanting more.
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    Durian Jam
    Durian Jam (220g / bottle) Just spread onto your bread or biscuit for the best durian flavour. A truly Malaysian experience.
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    Durian Egg Roll
    Premium Durian Egg Rolls (120g / pack) Every bite on this flute-shaped pastry delivers the heady aroma and creamy rich flavour of durian.
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    Durian Mooncake
    Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with Durian Mooncake! Other exotic flavours are also available.